Preston c. 1820 FtGH

This piano by Thomas Preston was generously offered Free to Good Home.

All six legs are present, and the condition of the case looks good.

Unusually, the wrestpins are divided, with the bass and treble at the right, and the centre at the back.   The hammers look good;  I think that the two that appear to be missing might just be suffering from hinge-failure, but a service-life of 200 years isn't bad for a simple leather hinge, and the whole set deserve to be renewed.

The strings look too shiny to be original, and it looks as if a good number of them might be serviceable.

The soundboard and bridge look OK, but there does seem to be the fairly common problem with the right-hand end. We see that there is some separation from the base, and pieces of wood have been added to attempt to control the upward movement of the wrestplank/hitchplank. This does need to be addressed,


As an unconditional gift, this one does not need to be registered for exemption under the UK Ivory Act 2018, which only applies to sales.


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