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Daniel Flew

I offer a number of services for harpsichord, spinet, and clavichord, and I am available to work in Bristol, the South-West, and South Wales.  I am proud of the quality of my work, and offer a bespoke service to new and returning customers.

Carey Beebe is probably the most traveled and best known Australian harpsichord maker, and an award-winning restorer of early keyboard instruments with a special interest in square pianos. He regularly tours to maintain instruments for private and institutional owners, particularly around Asia.

There's also a rather nice video on YouTube featuring Carey's workshop and a rather fine Kirckman harpsichord


Pictured: Stringing, John Broadwood and Son square pianoforte #3291, 1796

Tony Milliard makes beautiful baroque oboes and bassoons.  As a skilled lathe-operator, he has very kindly offered to make turned pedal-legs for pianos which have lost their originals - a rather common problem.  Tony is based in Northamptonshire, and as a square piano owner, he understands what is needed.

Cesar Hernandez trained with Lucy Coad, and is now available for specialist square piano removals and tuning.  He is based in Tunbridge Wells, near to London, and could be available for on-site adjustments and repairs in the area.  


He is seen here tuning instruments at the Richard Burnett Heritage Collection in readiness for a concert.



or 07463 325335

Olaf van Hees is a specialist in restoring square pianos, especially Dutch square pianos, and based in The Hague, The Netherlands. He can be reached by email 

or by phone ( 0031 70 345 25 10 or 0031 6 54 75 70 52 )


Olaf also now has a Facebook Page, with more about his collection

Stefan Claessens at Orgelbouw De Munck (Belgium) is also an experienced square piano restorer.  



Lucy Coad

Lucy also operates an on-line shop for items that we frequently need.


John Broadwood & Sons Limited - the longest-established of all the piano-makers - is still active, and happy to undertake restorations of Square Pianos.  Especially Broadwoods, of course, but other makes will also receive sympathetic treatment.  No email or website, but please write to Dr Alastair Laurence, John Broadwood & Sons Ltd, Lythe, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 3RT, or telephone 07770 772233


Andy Durand




Anne Acker is a well-known restorer of pianos from the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth centuries.  She is also a harpsichord maker, a player, and a lecturer.



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