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Our Friends of Square Pianos gatherings, originally held at Finchcocks, have always been well-supported, and since we moved to my home village of Chelveston in Northamptonshire we have enjoyed a full house.  In 2023 for the first time we held the party in our beautiful village church, and the enhanced space does mean that we are able to offer a few more places for 2024, when we will meet on Saturday 6th April.  As usual, there will be an assembly of about twenty early keyboard instruments, some original, the oldest a spinet from 1704.  There will be at least three square pianos, as well as more recently-built spinets, harpsichords, and clavichords.  The day will be informal, with plenty of opportunity to make friends, play the instruments, and enjoy tea-breaks and a buffet lunch.  This year we will welcome Ros Oswald presenting the favourite music of Jane Austen, and the pianos that were an important part of her life.

There will be many other musical interludes, including songs from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by our lovely soprano Angie Hicks, accompanied by David Wright.


One of our friends very kindly made a short video of the 2023 party which may be viewed by clicking Here

There are some notes about the arrangements for the day in the PDFs below.


The event is now fully subscribed.

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