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Please remember that, as with 'Pianos for Sale', I have not usually seen these instruments, and any comments I make may be based entirely on information supplied by the auctioneers, or what we can see from the pictures.

An Historically Important Harpsichord

by Alec Hodsdon at Cheffin's, Cambridge, Thursday 9 May







All wood construction - no metal frame.

Year of manufacture 1939

Seems to be connections for pedals, rather than an actual machine-stop.

Five rows of jacks - apparently 16', 2 x 8', 4', Lute.   The 16' strings share the main bridge for the lowest notes.


4' discontinued for the top few notes, presumably due to the difficulty of spanning four rows.








Rather than employing conventional jackrails, it looks as if this board fulfils that purpose.

The note confirms that the board is necessary!


It was sold at Cheffin's, Cambridge, on Thursday 9th May, to a single bid of just £100. We are happy to say that it was rescued by Daniel Flew, a young up-and-coming restorer, who plans to return it to full working order as time permits.  We  look forward to hearing more about it in the future.



In the same sale - in fact as the next and final lot - this neat little Storrs spinet sold for a slightly more encouraging £340 - but still not a lot for a practical instrument that appears to be in good condition, albeit with a detached lid and some stand damage.  

Images by courtesy of Cheffins, Cambridge

Freudenthaler c. 1812

at Mallam's, Abingdon  25 March

Ten instruments by this firm are recorded in Clinkscale, six of them in museums in France.  This elegant example was Lot 77 in Mallam's auction on Monday, 25 March.

The firm occupied the Rue Mont Martre address from 1811.

The interior condition appears to be good.

The soundboard is signed.

The main element of the gilded decoration is this figure of an angel composing music on the fall-board, visible when the case is closed.  


The estimate for this elegant piano was £300 - £600; it sold to an internet bidder for just £350 - sounds a bit disappointing to me (except to the buyer, of course...


All images by, and by courtesy of, Mallam's Auctioneers

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