Hills c. 1812 London Road Obelisk

There is a group of London square pianos that seem to have something in common.  They all feature an attractive realisation of the Hanoverian coat of arms - appropriate for George III - and share addresses well away from the usual  Soho area - some in Tower Hill, east of the City, and even 'South of the River'.  This elegant piano from  John Hills carries the address London Road Obelisk (Southwark).

The date is uncertain, but the detail of the coat of arms with a ducal cap indicates before 1814, when the Electorate of Hanover became a kingdom.

We see an exceptionally handsome cross-banded case.

It was expertly restored some time ago by David Winston,  but some attention may now be necessary.

This piano will now appear in the Gardiner Houlgate Sale 14 June 2024, with an estimate of £1,500 - £2,000.




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