Morland c. 1825

This handsome six-octave piano is complete with its pedal, and appears to be in very good overall condition.  The mahogany case is enhanced with rosewood cross-banding.

The beautiful rosewood nameboard is decorated with gold motifs reminiscent of Clementi's pianos, but the nameplate is clearly inscribed for Sam Morland of Lower Mecklenburgh Street, Dublin, a centre of some of the finest cabinet-making in the world.  The ivories appear to be immaculate.

The hammers and dampers look good, and in the pictures above and below we note the unusual arrangement of wrestpins and hitchpins, with the wrestpins for the treble at the right, in a pattern used by Broadwoods for a few years around 1820.


It would benefit from a complete re-string.  We see that the bridge is divided, again like Broadwoods of the time, with a bass bridge for the covered and brass strings, and the main bridge offering a longer scaling, and therefore optimum tension, for the steel strings.  The stringing schedule for a contemporary Broadwood would be an appropriate guide.

This piano is in Partridge Green, Sussex .  The exemption reference in compliance with the UK Ivory Act 2018 isE3DZCT89.

It is for sale for an offer of at least £300.  The entire proceeds will be divided between two good causes: Leukaemia Research at Bart's Hospital, and providing an instrument for a young aspiring musician, so this is an occasion when we can please be generous.


Please contact the owner, Mary Hember,


Thank you


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