Broadwood 1837                                                           Free to Good Home

This Broadwood is offered as a restoration project, and unusually for us is located in the Republic of Ireland, and thus likely to appeal especially to Friends there.  No worries with CITES, freight, etc. 

The piano is in a temporary location, so we are unable to offer images of the whole, but we hope that you will be able to build up a picture from the sum of the parts.  But we can confirm that the lid, legs, and pedal are all present.  

Obviously there is work to do, but it all seems to be 'original, undisturbed'.  

The number 48808 indicates a date of 1837, and this is consistent with the 'His Majesty...' inscription (William IV) and the technical style of the piano.

The piano is in County Limerick, and is generously offered Free to Good Home.  Please contact Yonit Lea Cosovske


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