Broadwood 1845  New Home Found

This handsome Broadwood is number 56992, dating it to 1845.

'Patent' almost certainly refers to the improved repetition action with back-checks, but as it has the full-length soundboard this is difficult to see.

The lids of these later pianos folds back at the mid point to reveal the music desk; the front part is then covered by decorative fretwork.

The case has been regularly polished, but the inside could do with cleaning - this is in hand.  But everything seems to be there internally.

The strings appear to be original, and probably in serviceable condition.  Note the ingenious Broadwood device of large and small hitchpins on the iron string-plate, which enables the plain strings to be looped round without needing twisted eyes.  I love that swirly 'marble' enamel! 


In the picture below we see part of the cleaned soundboard and the intact bass strings.


New home found


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