Buntebart & Sievers 1790s

Johann Christian Buntebart was, like Johannes Zumpe, a friend of           J C Bach.  All three came to England in the 1760s, probably with the encouragement of Queen Charlotte (formerly of Mecklenburg-Strelitz) who was known to have a keen interest in music.  Zumpe was effectively the inventor of the piano in England, and Buntebart was his partner from 1768 until 1778.  Most 'Zumpe' pianos carry both names.  We believe that Buntebart was a pall-bearer at the funeral of J C Bach in 1782.  After Zumpe's death in 1783, from then until about 1792 he was again active in partnership with another fellow countryman, Sievers (given name not known) until some time after 1792.  So this lovely little piano has a pedigree dating back to the very beginning of piano-making in England.

This lovely piano was restored to his invariable high standard by our leading restorer Jean Maurer as recently as 2020.  His full report is available.  

There is one handstop controlling the buff.

This piano is in North Walsham, Norfolk. It has been registered for exemption under the UK Ivory Act 2018; the price is £3,950 or very near offer.  High for a price on this website, but reflecting its historical importance, period musical quality, and recent restoration to the highest possible standard.  


Please contact Emma Johnson   emmajohnson101@msn.com


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