Broadwood 1827      

This fine Broadwood - number 33770 - is very generously being offered Free to Good  Home.  In the picture above we note the good nameboard and ivories, and happily the pedal is present.

His Majesty - George IV.

It is rare to see the survival of the green-painted shade; these are so often lost.  They do have a significant effect on the tone, especially when the piano is being played with the main lid open employing the parallelogram-style music desk behind the nameboard.

The original green cloth covered hammers look good, and the dampers have been maintained with new cloth.  

The soundboard and bridge look good, and the strings have evidently been renewed.  We see in the picture below that this piano has a separate bass bridge, an acoustically elegant device to allow the first of the steel strings to have a longer scaling than the brass, and hence to be nearer to optimum tension - steel is both lighter and stronger than brass.

This piano is in Edinburgh.  Please contact Caroline Higgitt


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