Broadwood 1831 Free to Good Home

This handsome Broadwood is number 40,029, dating it to 1831.

There is an ivory missing - I will be happly to help the new owner with this if in UK.  Free of charge, of course  - it would be illegal to sell or export it!

Good case; good to see the pedal present.

This piano has evidently been carefully restored, but the normally routine replacement of the leather hammer hinges seems to have been overlooked, with the result that a number are now detached.  However, to the best of the owner's belief,  none have been lost, and the loose ones are rattling around somewhere inside.  

These were times of transition for Broadwoods: it retains the elegant  divided bridge (see below) to give a better tension for the first of the iron strings, but the first seven notes  GG - BB are now single close-covered copper on iron, rather than bichords.

The remainder of the strings on the bass bridge are bichord brass.  And there's one of the stray hammers!

The hammers have been neatly re-covered in felt.

This piano is in Edinburgh; it is generousy being offered Free to Good Home.  Please contact Caroline Higgitt



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