Broadwood 1818 - Sold

This handsome Broadwood is number 22o28, dating it to 1818.

It appears to be in basically good condition, but it is now time for a refurbishment.  Unfortunately, as is so often the case, it has lost its pedal, but I can supply a pattern.  On credit side, the original shade (often mis-called a 'dust cover') has survived.

The hammers look good, but the damper-cloths have been devoured, and it's probable that the little creatures have had a go at the keyboard and action cloths as well.  Fortunately Lucy Coad can supply authentc cloths in the appropriate soft shades oif red, off-white, and green.

Wrestpins are original, but it is time for a new set of strings...

... and a few of the hitchpins need attention.



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