Broadwood 1807

This beautiful piano is one of the best ever to appear on this page.  It was the personal favourite of the late David Frostick, and was lovingly restored by him.  David was a personal friend, a skilled woodworker and organ-builder, and a specialist in voicing reed pipes.  

The number 10,330 indicates a date of 1807, and this is confirmed by the inscription on the nameboard (below).  Broadwood pianos before this date retained the original patented single action with brass under-dampers, this is one of the first to feature the escapement double action,  and wire-operated 'dolly' dampers.  Also at this date the four-legged French stand was replaced by six turned legs.  Apart from a change to four legs around 183o, these features remained standard until the very last squares in 1866.

A change yet to come was the addition of a second son to the partnership, which in 1809 became John Broadwood & Sons, the name by which the firm is still known today.

The original ivories are in perfect condition.

Internally, everything is just as it should be.  

The piano retains its cream-coloured shade, and comes with a tuning-hammer and adjustable stool (the stool is circular - restricted space required the use of a wide-angle lens).


A short sound-clip is available:

MP4 File [28.4 MB]

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