CC Compass Broadwood 1812

This fine Regency Broadwood is one of the first to introduce the six-octave compass descending to CC - the same as many English grands of the period.  It is in much better condition than most; we see in the picture above that the pedal is present.

The number 15,328 indicates a date of 1812.  The  arrangement of the wrestpins, with those for the treble notes transferred to the right-hand end, was first introduced in this model in this year; for a few years around 1820 it was extended to the standard 5½-octave instruments

The strings are replacements, and mostly look good.






The image at left shows that the treble portion of the bridge has been expertly restored.

The piano is in Tenby, South Wales, and the price is £1450.  The exemption code under the UK Ivory Sales Act 2018 is D8K2P7PR.


Please contact Murray John


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