Houston & Co 1794

This piano by Houston & C° is number 1035.

The beautifully-crafted name inscription is very interesting for piano historians.  We know that there was a succession of makers at the address 'Corner of Edward Street and Wardour Street' with William Garcka until 1792, Bates & Co for just one year 1793, and Houston & Co from 1794 until the Royal Maker Thomas Tomkison took over around the turn of the century.  But the inscription on this piano is unique in my experience in giving honour to Bates & Co, but carrying another address,  N° 55 Great Marlborough Street.   

Two handstops, for undivided damper-lift and buff.

A few of the strings need to be replaced, and the price reflects this.  As the piano has not been played for some time, it is well out-of-tune, but all the notes do play. 


It is in the Cambridge area and has been registered for exemption under the UK Ivory Sales Act 2018; the code is Q5526SJW.  The price is £1,250.  


Please contact William Fawcett  William.Fawcett@carltd.com


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