Broadwood c. 1836                             New Home Found

We do not know the serial number of this handsome piano, but we estimate about 1836.  The fretwork panel to the right of the keyboard is present, but was removed for these pictures.  Unfortunately the pedal cannot be found.

'Makers to Their Majesties...' refers to William IV and Adelaide.

The piano was carefully restored some time ago.  The stringing is neat, but we see from the first picture that this is one of the last to retain the acoustically elegant divided bridge, intended to give a longer scaling to the first of the plain steel strings.  The first seven single overspun strings are correct, but the tone would be improved by restoring brass strings for the rest of the bass bridge.

We just love that swirly enamel on the string-plate and bar!  We see that some dust has settled on the soundboard and strings - apparently partly cleaned off.

New home found


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