Irmler (Leipzig) 1823

This lovely piano from his collection is offered for sale by the well-known musician Anders Muskins.  He writes:

Table piano by Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler in Leipzig year 1823. 
With Viennese mechanics, 6 octaves FF-f''''.


Two pedals: damper lifter and moderator (moderator is not fully functional)

Anders confirms that, as we would expect with a German piano of this date, that the keys are bone, not ivory.  A welcome simplification from the CITES point of view!

Mahogany veneer, has some scuffs and scratches from age.

Restored and functional, although more regulation would be a good idea. Beautiful sound. For more information, recordings and videos, please contact Anders Muskens
Price: €5000 EUR, negotiable. Located south of Stuttgart


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