Please remember that I have not seen the instruments on this page, and any comments I may make are based entirely on information provided by the seller and my own interpretation of the pictures.  Buyers should make their own enquiries, and should view the instruments whenever possible.  Buyers are responsible for collection; please do not assume that the seller will be able to assist with handling.


CITES, Brexit, and Piano Sales to the

European Community

The Transitional Period Arrangement between the United Kingdom and the European Community has now ended, and  CITES requirements now apply as they do for movements between all other countries.  


In particular as it affects us, CITES certificates are now required for sales of pianos with ivory keys from UK to all European countries.  There will usually be no problem obtaining the documentation, as the ivory will normally be pre-convention (1975) and in most cases much older than this.  But the documentation must be obtained before the piano can cross the border, and time must be allowed for this.  Currently, the issuing authority (DEFRA) states that all applications will be completed within six weeks.  There is also a cost, which I believe is £37 for ivory.  Making these arrangements is the responsibility of the person doing the transfer - normally the buyer.  


This will soon be routine, and our experience is that the authority are very helpful on the telephone.  The leaflet below is available as a download.

CITES leaflet stakeholder version 202009[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

Please also be aware that pianos may contain other materials covered by CITES.

Pianos for Sale  

I make no charges to either buyer or seller, but if you would like to support Cats Protection, my chosen charity, please go to to make a donation.  Thank you.


Buyers and sellers please note that for the interest of other visitors to the site, pictures and details of the instruments will remain for a while after they have been sold.  They will be marked as 'sold', and sellers' contact details and asking-prices will be removed.


There have been a few cases where instruments have just 'disappeared', and some where owners have disposed of them privately and forgotten to let me know.  So please note that the advertisements will stay on this page for six months or so.  If owners wish them to stay longer, would they please make a request in good time?

A Note About Prices

The asking prices  are entirely the decision of the seller, and do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion.


Very often, sellers ask me for advice about prices.  I am not a professional valuer, but I am happy to suggest what similar pianos have achieved either at auction or by private sale in recent months.


If an owner seeks a professional valuation, Piano Auctions Limited offer this service, for which they make a charge of £72.

To see the full details of  each instrument, including the contact email for the owner, please click on the text or the picture of the item below.

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