Broadwood 1840

This handsome piano is number 51463, dating it to 1840, the third year of the reign of the young Queen Victoria.  This image shows the contrast between the parts that have been covered for most of its 180 years, and those that have been exposed to the sun (the reverse of what happens on the beach).  We would not wish to lose this, but a careful application of magic French polish reviver would bring out the colour of the sun-bleached mahogany.  There is a story behind this one, and the entire proceeds of sale will be donated to a cause that must touch all our hearts.

As well as the beautiful brass frets, and the immaculate nameboard and ivories, we can just see the pedal reassuring us that it is still present.

In the image above we see the innovative full-length soundboard and beautifully-engineered music desk.  The word 'Patent' on the name cartouche suggests that this piano has the advanced back-check action; this was a top-quality piano.  It does need minor attention to a missing string, and some other adjustments, but it is in remarkably original  and undisturbed condition.

This piano is in the Redditch area of Worcestershire.  The Ivory Exemption Code is VKI6DYNZQ.


The asking-price is for an offer over £150, but please be generous.  The entire proceeds will be given to the Jasper's Rainbow charities

These small charities are dedicated to offering support to those affected by the unimaginable tragedy of suffering the loss of a baby just before or just after birth.


Please conact Monica Cox


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