Spinet by John Storrs c.  1980s

I have great respect for John Storrs kits.  He employed techniques, very advanced for the time, to ensure that all the hundreds of little holes were in the right place, and some ingenious devices to assist in accurate assembly of the casework.  These factors gave amateurs the best possible chance of achieving a good result.  This example was carefully built in the early  1980s, and has been with the same family ever since.

It features wooden jacks. One of our most talented Friends has played this instrument, and reports that it has a pleasant delicate tone.  This, and its compact dimensions, make it ideal as a quiet, neighbour-friendly instrument.  It does need tuning, of course, and routine attention to a few plectra is needed - some spares, including strings and a tuning-hammer, are included.  


It is in North London, and may be inspected by arrangement.  The asking-price is £950.  Please contact Francis Serjeant  spf1@outlook.com



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