Clavichord by Robert Goble 1959

This beautiful clavichord by the famous maker Robert Goble was made in 1959 .  After some time making keyboard instruments for the pioneer Arnold Dolmetsch, Robert set up his own workshop in 1953. This one was made for the brother-in-law of the present owner in 1959, but now it seeks a new loving home, where it will be cherished as it has been for the past 65 years.  As we see, it remains in excellent condition.  The compass of AA - e3 is wider than many contemporary clavichords.  

As was customary for the time, the sharp keytops are ivory, and it has the correct certificaton from DEFRA; the exemption code is KPQM95T9


The clavichord is in the Hereford area; the price is £800. 

Please contact Bridget Drakeford


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