Harpsichord by Greenhalgh   (Zuckermann) 1980s

The harpsichords from Zuckermann's kits, when skilfully built, can be very fine instruments, and the pedigree of this one could not be better - professionally made by Malcolm Greenhalgh and Lawrence Howes in the 1980s, and carefully maintained by Andrew Wooderson since then.  

GG - d3 compass, 1 x 8', 1 x4', and buff.  Elegant pale green marbled case. interior decorated with authentic style Flemish papers.

The keys are Zuckermann's beautifully-made synthetics - no ivory worries for this one!

Nice to see traditionally styled wrestpins, rather than 'zither pins'.

This beautiful harpsichord is in Norfolk; the price is £5,250 o.n.o.  Some assistance with delivery might be possible. 


Please contact Louise Soden  louisemvsoden@gmail.com


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