Harpsichord by Colin Booth 1977                            Sold

Italian Harpsichord by Colin Booth circa 1700 (copy) 1977

Single Manual Harpsichord. Transposable A440/415hz
Two eight foot sets of strings with buff stop on one register.

Colin Booth has now retired as a harpsichord maker, but his fine recordings are still available through his website colinbooth.co.uk


This one is my favourite.

In line with Italian tradition, the keys are wooden - boxwood?  No ivory worries for this one!

Unlike many harpsichords of this vintage, this one has nice wooden jacks, nowadays much preferred.

Dimensions:  Length 2280 mm, width 917 mm.

Bought October 1989 from the Early Keyboard Agency
Restrung 2007 in Rose brass and made transposable

and double-pinned bridge by Paul Simmonds.
Malcolm Rose overhaul October 2019 wrestplank refitted.





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