Spinet by Roger Murray 1982

This beautiful spinet was made by Roger Murray in 1982, based on the anonymous 1708 instrument in the Royal College of Music collection.  Curiously, I did something similar myself  25 years later,  The original has the 'broken octave' keyboard, somewhat unfamiliar to today's players, but we both kept the lowest note as GG, but expanded the keyboard to be chromatic.  I did not include GG#, whereas Roger did, and he went up to the full five octaves with top g, whereas I stopped at f.  I think that mine turned out quite well - I'm sure that Roger's is at least as good!

The seller provides the following notes:  

Casework and Lid made from Black Walnut, Stand and matching stool made from English Walnut with excellent grain and colour.
Compass  GG-g3 full chromatic Bass .
Ebony Naturals, Holly Sharps/Flats
Handmade Tuning pins and Hinges.
Music desk acting as propstick, and housed in top apron of stand.
Yew veneers to inside around soundboard, inlaid. Keywell veneered in Yew with inlays.
Currentlly strung in steel and phosphor-bronze, which could be changed to traditional brass wire throughout, and is still fitted with the original black turkey quill plectra from 1982.
Jacks are made from Pearwood and have Holly tongues and Hog-bristle return springs.

The pictures speak for themselves!  




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