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  Perhaps these have always been my favourite instruments, but please don't tell my Square Pianos!


  Relatively few original spinets turn up at auction, and prices are beyond the reach of most of us.  However, it is not too difficult to make a decent spinet, and I hope that this page will encourage people to have a go.  There used to be reasonably-priced kits available: the best were the Early Music Shop's 'Keene & Brackley', and the freelance designs of John Storrs.  


   I f there's anything you'd like to ask, or just to show interest, please contact me, David, on

Making a Spinet 

  It has recently been my privilege to share in the ownership of a remarkable spinet made by Edward Blunt in 1704, and to restore it to playing condition.  This has been very successful, and the next stage in the story is to make a replica.  This project offers the ideal opportunity for Friends of Square Pianos to follow the construction in real time. 

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