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We all love Clementi's pianos.  Those from the early years of the nineteenth century are particularly attractive, with their charming painted flower decorations  Properly restored they can be amongst the sweetest-sounding of all early pianos, and with light action and responsive touch, they are delightful to play.


The Pianos of Muzio Clementi


Much has been written about Muzio Clementi the composer, but at the Finchcocks Weekend in 2013 we were privileged to welcome Leif Sahlqvist to present his work of many years on the Clementi pianos. We are especially fortunate that Leif has agreed that a PDF based on his study may be placed on this website.  It includes the long-awaited definitive list of serial numbers and dates of the pianos.  We express our grateful thanks to Leif for this.


  This work is freely available to all for private study, but please respect Leif's copyright, and do not use it for further publication. 


  As a PDF, it has the advantage over a printed paper that it will be updated from time to time, as further information becomes available.  So if you have any comments or suggestions, or particularly if you know of any Clementi pianos that are not in the lists, please let me know, email David on


The version below has been updated by Leif in February 2014.


Please click on the Icon below to download the PDF.  

Clementi Co © Leif Sahlqvist 2013.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [8.4 MB]

...and here is an updated appendix of numbers.

Clementi App 5.Rev.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [39.3 KB]
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