Welcome to Friends of Square Pianos!

  This is a sort of on-line club for anyone who owns, or would like to own,  a square piano. Or anyone who is just interested, possibly to learn a little more.

  Please get in touch with me, David, on 


with questions, comments, or just to say 'Hello'.  This is not a site for experts, but for Friends.


  We try to help and support each other, and some of us meet occasionally.  This happens four times a year at Conway Hall, Holborn, London, by courtesy of Piano Auctions Limited.  We meet on the Wednesday viewing day (before the Thursday sale).  The dates are announced nearer the time on the Home Page, as well as on the Auction Page.  Everyone is welcome - please make yourself known: Terry on the reception desk usually knows where we are (probably in the pub...)


  We do of course have Friends all over the world, thanks to the wonders of the Internet.  It is not so easy for these more distant Friends to come to London for half a day, but do please consider coming to our main gathering at Finchcocks in May.  We do welcome Friends from all over the world at these very enjoyable events, by courtesy of Katrina and Richard Burnett of Finchcocks, and Alastair Laurence of John Broadwood & Sons.  More about these events on the Finchcocks page.


  See you soon?






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