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 Piano Auctions April  Sale


There were no Square Pianos at the salethis time, but the interesting (and historically important) 1952 Alec Hodsdon spinet sold for £580.


The next sale will be on June 25th, and we hope to have an informal gathering of Friends of Square Pianos on the viewing day before, Wednesday June 24th.

Gardiner Houlgate

Specialist Musical Instrument Auctions

The Hogwood Collection

  We were all saddened to hear of the death on September 12th last year of the great musician Christopher Hogwood.  

  He had assembled a fine collection of twenty-six keyboard instruments, including what is probably the best collection of clavichords anywhere in the world.  They were sold by Gardiner Houlgate of Corsham, near Bath, on Thursday 12th March.  The sale was well-attended and a great success, with all the instruments realizing near or somewhat above estimates.


As expected, the star of the show was the famous 1761 Hass clavichord, which achieved more than double the higher estimate, selling for £82,000.  Is this a record for a keyboard instrument in a recent sale?


 The full results may be seen on-line at  

  There was only one square piano in the sale, but a very desirable one - a 1773 Pohlman. The pianos of Johannes Zumpe are of course more famous and hence sought-after, but there are some of us technically-minded folk who think that Pohlman's work is rather better.  And it's interesting that as a peerless musician, Christopher chose this one.

  It has been fully restored, most recently by Lucy Coad.  Against an estimate of £2,000 - £3,000, it sold for £4,400.

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