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Please remember that, as with 'Pianos for Sale', I have not usually seen these pianos, and any comments I make may be based entirely on information supplied by the auctioneers, or what we can see from the pictures.

Piano Auctions 13th December

  These 'revival' instruments by Morley (as this example) and others are well-made and reliable, but usually fetch disappointing prices at auction.  This one was in rather better adjustment than most; it played well (apart from the fact that the 4' was out-of-tune, but no surprise there...)  

  At an estimate of £600 - 800 it would have been a lot of harpsichord for the money, so it was encouraging to see it sell for £2,600 hammer (£3224 total).  Still surely good value, though!

Gardiner Houlgate 14th December

There were seven interesting keyboard instruments in the Gardiner Houlgate sale on 14th December.

Lot 1540 was a de Blaise double compact harpsichord, 8' + 4' stops.  Against an estimate of just £100 - £200, it sold for a trivial hammer-price of just £65.

A Morley double harpsichord, 8' + 8' + 4', estimate £200 - £400.  A lot of harpsichord for the money.  It sold for £460; quite a contrast from its relative sold at Piano Auctions the day before (see above).  

A nice-looking Samuel Bury square from the 1790s; estimate £700 - £1,000.  Sold for £680

A very handsome 5½-octave Longman & Broderip. c. 1795; estimate £1,000 - £1,500.  Sold for £1000

An 1811 5½ -octave Broadwood Grand; estimate £2,000 - £3,000.  Sold for £4,600.

A modern harpsichord along classical lines, based on the Thomas Hitchcock double.  Made by Richard Maunder in 2005; estimate £5,000 - £7,000.  Not sold.

And finally a Broadwood 'wallclimber' upright, c.1835. Estimate £200 - £300.  Sold for £1,350.  

More details and pictures on Gardiner Houlgate's website


All pictures by, and by courtesy of, Gardiner Houlgate Limited.

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