Zuckermann 'Flemish' Harpsichord Sold

This example of a Zuckermann 'Flemish' harpsichord is offered for sale by the well-known musician Andrew Knowles.  

The disposition is 8' + 4', with a buff  to the 8'.  The compass is GG/BB- d3 short octave, but the C# and D# may be tuned to the chromatic notes if preferred.  I look after a similar instrument for a local school, and I find it to be practical and reliable, with a good sound.


The natural keys are artificial, which relieves us from any legal or CITES issues!

Rather than the 'standard' hinges, this one has beautiful decorative brasswork by David Law.








The jacks are the standard 'white' Zuckermann units - this one with a replacement tongue - which I believe are still available.

However, a new owner may wish to consider changing to wooden jacks at some point, and my own experiments confirm that these can be made to fit the existing registers.




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