Spinet by Henry Tull c. 1929

Henry Tull, pioneer English maker of the earlier part of the twentieth century, deserves to be better known.  There is an excellent article about him in the Spring 2o24 issue of the Harpsichord and Fortepiano magazine.  It is a pleasant surprise to see this previously unknown spinet by him in the sale at Ewbanks, Woking, on 21 June.

Nice walnut case with traditional-style hinges.

Soundboard looks OK.  Brass/steel stringing, closed-top jacks.

We have been able to establish that there is another example of this design somewhere in the world.  Their close resemblance to a typical English spinet of about 1715 lead us to believe that Tull had access to an original instrument, but we are not yet certain which one.  We estimate that this one was made in about 1929/30.  It appears to be in quite good condition.


Tjhere is surely a good chance that it will achieve more than its published estimate of £80 - £160!


Images by, and by courtesy of Ewbank's Auctions


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