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Keyboard instrument drawings available from Douglas Hollick


1629 Ruckers quart pitch spineten virginal 

Russell Collection drawing, used once   - Sold

1638 Ruckers double manual harpsichord

Russell Collection, used but good - £25

1640 Ruckers single manual harpsichord

Yale drawing, Belle Skinner collection, unused - £30

1643 Ruckers 5 voet muselar

Original drawing by Douglas Hollick from Grant O’Brien’s measurements and photos

Copies available on request, price depending on copying costs.

1645 Couchet single manual harpsichord

Russell Collection, unused - Sold

1750 Dulcken single manual harpsichord 3 register

Barnes collection will also make 3 register double, used but good - Sold

1763 Hass clavichord

Russell Collection used but good - Sold

1769 Taskin double manual harpsichord

Russell Collection, used but good, includes the details of the tenor to bass scaling change

used by Douglas Hollick in three of his copies. - £25


All the above with photos and details, prices plus P&P


Kit instrument drawing:

Keen & Brackley spinet (Early Music Shop) used but good, just the cost of postage!


Please contact Douglas Hollick

The famous Keene and Brackley spinet is rightly the model for many reproductions, both amateur and professional.  I am happy to announce that by courtesy of the copyright owner of John Barnes' plan, we are now able to offer copies of the plan at an affordable price.  Copies are now available through Friends of Square Pianos for just £20, plus carriage.  


 Please contact me, David, on


Payment by PayPal preferred.

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