Longman & Broderip c. 1795 - Sold

This is a good example of a five-octave L&B, with the patented Geib escapement ('double') action.  It was carefully restored some years ago, and remains in good condition, although a couple of notes do need attention to make them play properly.

The inlaid nameboard with its tulipwood edging, and the beautiful enamel plaque, are in excellent condition.  These plaques are prone to chipping and difficult to repair - this one is good.

Two handstops for damper-lift and buff.  

The stringing pattern looks correct, with tinned copper on brass for the lowest strings, then plain brass, and steel to the top.  A couple of the plain strings are missing, but these are inexpensive to replace.  There is a prominent, and apparently quite old, crack or open joint in the centre of the soundboard, but the bridge appears to be secure.  If this is the case, these shrinkage cracks do not seem to have any effect at all on the sound, and can be repaired from above relatively easily.  Good to see that the wrestpins are original.




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