Clementi c. 1830

This Clementi is one of the last to carry the great man's name alone.  Muzio Clementi died in 1832, but shortly before that the pianos carried the names of Collard & Collard, who had been running the buisiness for a good few years by then.  The pedal is not visible in this picture, but it is present. 

The gold name transfer on the rosewood nameboard is in excellent condition.  These are somewhat fragile,  and easily damaged.

It has been restored comaparatively recently, with new tuning pins and strings.

The ivories are excellent.  The piece of wood in this picture is the keyslip, the piece that fits just in front of the keys.  







There are two, possibly three, shrinkage cracks in the bridge, in the usual place where the grain is 'short'.  As long as the bridge is secure to the soundboard, such cracks are easily repaired, but we cannot be sure of this.  The modest price being asked allows for this possibility.

This piano is in the Oxford area. 

The Ivory exemption code is 1V3UQ4XT, and the price is £200. 

Please contact Andrew Gibbs


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