Broadwood 1794

This beautiful five-octave Broadwood was restored by Michael Cole in 2005 and has been in use ever since.  Jeremy Barlow, the owner, is now selling as he has other instruments to play!

John Broadwood married Burkat Shudi's daughter Barbara; their son was christened James Shudi Broadwood.  He worked for the firm, and when he came of age in 1794 he was made partner.  Around this time, the original straight brass dampers were changed to a swan-neck design to allow slightly larger hammers to be employed - the first step towards a more robust tone.  The dampers in this piano are authentic replacements fitted during the 2005 restoration.  

As very often happens, a joint in the soundboard has opened up slightly.  These can easily be repaired by shimming from above, but do not seem to make any difference to the sound.  

The original note about the action has survived, and the wrestpins are original.




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