Beyer 1782

The pianos of Adam Beyer are very special indeed - it is often said that he was the finest of all the early London makers.  This 1782 example is number 597, and is now offered for sale.  It has been partly and expertly restored by David Hunt, and it now seeks a new owner to complete the work. It will then be a truly lovely little piano. 

The trestle stand is contemporary and authentic, from another eighteenth-century piano.  The elegant curved pedal for the lid-swell is an accurate reproduction.

The hammers are original and in good condition.  The damper-assembly has been partly-restored, but needs more work - some of the dampers are not fixed, but laid loosely for the purposes of the photograph.  Note the cords to hold the lid open, rather than the usual prop-stick.  

The slot for the strut to activate the lid-swell is seen in the right-hand edge of the soundboard.  The red cloth strip minimises the sound when the swell is (gently!)  closed.  The major element of the work to be done does concern the soundboard; this is original and lovely, but requires a complete re-build.  The wrestpins and many of the strings are original.  



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