Anton Walter c.1790 For Auction

This is a rare opportunity to buy a 'new discovery' -  an Anton Walter grand very  similar to the famous example that was Mozart's own piano, now part of the permanent exhibition at the Mozart family home in Salzburg.

The knob above the enamel name-plaque operates the moderator.


The sharp-tops are bone as we would expect, but annoyingly the little white squares on the nameboard are ivory.  For complicated international reasons, concerning more than two countries, it will not be possible to obtain CITES certificaton, and these will be neatly removed.  We suggest that the new owner would be wise to replace them with bone!


The damper assembly had been removed when this picture was taken, but the unit is complete and has now been replaced.  

Note also the green moderator cloth, and its connection to the knob above the nameplate.

The very unusual shape of the tail, intermediate between square and fully serpentine, is the same as Mozart's own piano.

The decorative veneering is repeated on the inside of the lid.

The piano does need restoration - for example the hitchrail has been inelegantly secured, and needs to be replaced.  A full condition report is being prepared.

This historic instrument will be in the first auction to be held in the Netherlands by Piano Auctions Ltd.  The sale will be on March 5th in Bodegraven, which is between Den Haag and Utrecht.  Please note that viewing will be by appointment only.


The estimate is €90,ooo - €120,000.


Images by, and by courtesy of Piano Auctions Ltd


Some technical details, and a note about the auction, are included in the attached PDF.

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