These suppliers are amongst those I have used recently; most are based in the UK.  Other suppliers are available!

Lucy Coad: Tuning hammers, plain and covered strings, Seccotine, leather for hammer-hinges, vellum for hopper-hinges.

Graham Walker: authentic woollen green, red and white cloth for keyboards, hitchrails (Broadwood) and dampers.

“ A new damper cloth - Our aim is to manufacture early keyboard cloths as close as possible in quality and appearance to those found in late 18th and early 19th century pianos.  The present cloths are well-received and are considered the most appropriate available for both  period and modern copy instruments but where improvements can be made, these are adopted. 


We are pleased to announce that a new damper cloth is available replacing the existing cloth.  It uses a much finer wool yarn and is weaved with a very high thread count.  This will make it easier to cut into the very small pieces used on early 19th century square pianos but it is equally suitable for dampers on fortepianos and later square pianos.  It can also be used as a listing cloth to damp the non-speaking parts of the strings.


As with the present cloth, it has a 100% wool composition with a felted finish.  This finish is also important to ensure that the cloth can be cut neatly and enable good damping properties.  The new cloth is available in a natural (off-white) and cochineal red.  It has been more expensive to produce but we consider that the benefits are worth the extra cost.


The piece size is 50cms x 10cms and discounts are applied for orders for more than one piece.  The single instrument set of cloths will now include the new cloth but a smaller piece of each colour is included to keep the price as at present.  The amount of cloth supplied remains more than adequate for one instrument.  When used for listing it is available roll length (150cms) x 5cms to be cut into the width required.


Further information is given on the website or contact Graham Walker email: “.

Malcolm Rose: Red brass, yellow brass, and iron wire for strings; copper, tinned copper, annealed brass and soft iron for covers.

Optimum Brasses: Brassware including casters, bolt-covers, and Broadwood dampers.

Sykes Timber:  Timber including walnut, spruce, pine, poplar, beech, oak, cherry, etc.

Elforyn: High-quality synthetic ivory replacement.

Casein: Natural ivory replacement

The Music Room (Andy Durand)  Covered strings, leg-threads

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