Zuckerman 'Italian' Virginal 1981  Made by John Kilpatrick - Sold

The seller (and builder) writes: 


Zuckerman Italian Virginals (mark V), made from a kit in 1981 by John Kilpatrick. In private ownership in Sheffield since that year, and always kept in working order, and used from time to time in concerts. It is now back in the hands of its maker, and has been checked over with only cosmetic attention having been required. It is in playing condition. 

The instrument has a rich tone, and reasonably light touch, but is quite loud; this is good for a concert, but in a small room it may be better to have the lid shut or propped open a few cm, or a new owner could opt for revoicing. It is tuned to A=440 with a short-octave in the bass, the range being GG/BB-e3 (4¾ octaves). The keyboard octave span is 163mm.

Cosmetics: exterior paint, Manders bottle green eggshell, plus narrow gold leaf bands; interior, Manders hemp; wood finish: shellac; name batten lettering: Letraset Times New Roman 48pt. The Manders paints and Letraset are no longer available, but chips and wear have been touched up with old supplies. The ancient tin of paint now seems less eggshell, but from a few metres away the repairs are hardly noticeable.

The music desk acts as a lid prop, and folds up for storage. A simple arrangement also allows the desk to be used with the lid closed (or almost closed). The body lifts off the stand (there are no connecting screws), which may be disassembled.

Dimensions (cm)
length: 164
height: with lid up 129; with lid down 87
depth: case except keyboard section 45; overall 58




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