After Theeuws 1579 by Steven Wessel 

Curiously, we had another replica of this historic harpsichord on these pages last autumn, so we remember that the pronunciation of the Flemish name is TAY-wiss.

This example by Stephen Wessel was made in 1980 after the oldest known English harpsichord, now in the collection of the V&A.  

To read more about Stephen Wessel and this instrument, see the link below.

Adobe Acrobat document [313.7 KB]

The 1579 original, as part of a claviorganum, did not have a stand.  This one is based on the instrument at Knowle; now just a shell, it was a 1622 harpsichord by Johannes Hasard.

The bottom C# is tuned to the A below; pitch is A415, 8' + 4' + 8'.  The jacks are wooden, with Delrin springs and plectra.  

This one is in Gers, SW France.  The price is €5,900 or £5,000.  Please contact David Hiller


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