Spinet by Alan Whear 1976

This beautiful spinet was made by Alan Whear in 1976.

Alan Whear is mentioned in journals of the time as a professional maker, but we have been unable to find out any more about him.

Technically, it  appears to follow closely the design of Thomas Hitchcock, but the panelled and crossbanded veneer style is more than equal to the finest instruments of the mid eighteenth century.

It is in good playing order, but would benefit from some attention to the veneer, which is lifting slightly in places, and to the adjustment of the pleactra.

The keyboard is an exceptionally fine piece of work, and fortunately is bone, not ivory.  This avoids many present and future complications!

This spinet is near Reading; the price is £1,250. 

Please contact Adrian Harrison   adrian@ahfc.london


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