RWS  'Keene & Brackley' - Sold

I recently had the privilege of doing substantial work on the c. 1711 Keene and Brackley spinet (seen above) before sending it on its way to the Sigal Music Museum in South Carolina.  This is possibly the most famous spinet in the world, and certainly the most copied, having been the subject of a book by Peter Barnes, and a plan and kit by firstly the Early Music Shop and now by the Renaissance Workshop Company.  

This was an excellent prototype for the reproductions, representing as it does one of the first instruments to abandon the 'broken octave'  in favour of a fully chromatic keyboard, more practical for today's players.  Note that the original (above) omits low G# and top D#, but the replicas usually include it.   

This example was nicely built from the RWS kit, and is a fine instrument, practical and stable, with a lovely sound.  The case is walnut as it should be, but although the original sharps are solid ivory, these are a modern substitute!  Like the original, it is strung in brass throughout.  



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