Robert Goble 1973

This beautiful walnut harpsichord was made for the owner in 1973; it has been well cared-for in a stable environment, and remains in immaculate condition - the pictures speak for themselves.  It has been regularly played until comparatively recently.

The dispostion is the standard 2 x 8' + 4', controlled by pedals.

The fourth pedal operates a buff stop.  The jacks appear to be nylon, but they look more robust than some other types, with a proper axle.  

We are happy to say that the owner reports that the sharp tops are not ivory.  This makes much life much simpler: export to the USA would be possible, and to all countries CITES clearance would not be necessary.  Even within the United Kingdom, there are no complications under our Ivory Sales Act.

This lovely harpsichord is in Abergavenny, South Wales.  As it has not been played for some time, it is to be expected that the usual regulation and minor adjustments may be required.  The price is £4.500.  Please contact  Carrie Campbell-Cooper


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