Spinet by Longman & Broderip

We are happy to present a rare opportunity to buy an original English spinet, recently restored and re-quilled, and in full playing order.

It has its original soundboard, and most of the jacks are original - the replacements appear paler in the picture.

The nameboard inscription reads 'Longman & Broderip Musical Instrument Makers/ N° 26 Cheapside and 15 Haymarket London'.  The Haymarket address was added in 1782,

The keyboard compass of most of these later spinets was changed from the usual GG - G3 compass to FF - f3, to bring them in line with contemporary harpsichords (and the new square pianos).  In common with the harpsichords, the rarely-needed FF# was omitted.  Also in line with fashion, the principal timber changed from walnut to mahogany, in this case handsomely veneered and cross-banded.  


The spinet is in London.  Further details and price on application to Peter ,   rarekeyboards@hotmail.co.uk


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