Storrs/Kilpatrick Clavichord 1975  Sold

Clavichord made in 1975 by John Kilpatrick from a John Storrs kit, and in private ownership in Sheffield since then. It has been checked over by the maker, and the original ivory slips that topped the sharps have been replaced with a substitute material, Elforyn. The instrument is in full playing condition.

The case and lid are of high-quality walnut-veneered ply, with the stand and some interior parts being of solid walnut. The finish is very durable Furnglass Hardset (no longer sold). The stringing is brass throughout, with overwound strings on the lowest 6 notes. The keyboard range is GG - e3 (4¾ octaves).

Dimensions (cm)
length: 120
height: with lid closed 79; with lid open 121
depth: with lid closed 45; allowing for angle of open lid 52




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