Child's Harpsichord by John Rawson 1980s - Sold

The seller writes:


Small Italian harpsichord by John Rawson. This is something of a curiosity, it’s a three quarter size Italian single strung (1 x 8’ register) harpsichord built in the late 1980’s by the respected British instrument maker John Rawson. It is built along historical lines and has just undergone a full refurbishment, being revoiced in delrin and restrung with Malcolm Rose brass throughout. It plays beautifully but is very tiny, it has a full four octave compass C - c’’’ tuned to baroque pitch (A=415) but would be equally fine tuned up a semitone to modern pitch (A=440). This is not a quint or ottavino instrument but very much a miniature harpsichord suitable for a child or someone with extremely small hands as the octave span is 12cm as opposed to the modern standard of 16cm+. I can just about manage on it but it has no real purpose in my life apart from being cute. It is extremely well built by a master craftsman using traditional methods and materials and in excellent condition, pretty much as new. The jacks are made with pearwood with holly tongues and tuning pins are the traditional/historical flat head type. I chose to keep this instrument un-damped, as was the practice with smaller or miniature plucked keyboard instruments, which allows for greater resonance which is needed on a small soundboard but the jacks have facility for damping felt if that is preferred. 




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