Tuning Hammers

 These are something of a Friends speciality, and the Pussies make every effort to ensure that they are a pleasure to own and to use.  The stems are fabricated from steel with a brazed collar, and ideally should be fitted to a sample pin: the wrestpins of old pianos were hand-made, and far from standard!   Or we can do our best from measurements supplied by you.  It is important that the socket should fit the pin as closely as possible.  This not only makes tuning easier for you, but is kinder to the pins and the hammer.  

  Handles are individually turned in fine hardwoods, and currently we can offer a choice from Macassar ebony, African blackwood, rosewood, satinwood, box, tulipwood, burr elm, bubinga, olivewood, purpleheart, and kingwood.  All have brass ends.  

  My small stocks of wood are legally held, but please note that to comply with new CITES regulations (2017) commercial export of Dalbergia species outside the EC is no longer permitted.  This affects rosewood, African blackwood, tulipwood and kingwood.  Bubinga is separately prohibited.  But we can add some very nice American black walnut and yew to the list!


  The price is £35.  Postage £3.20 (UK), £3.70 (Europe)  £5 (Worldwide).


  Please also note that we can make an extra-small size to fit the set-off adjusters of early English grand pianos (5th from the left in the picture).


  Please remember also that these fine tools are designed for the sensitive tuning of early clavichords, harpsichords, and pianos, with correctly-adjusted wrestpins. They are perhaps not suitable for the heavier pins and strings of pianos from the 1830s onwards.  And if you have a restoration project where the old pins are seized solid, stronger measures are needed!  

Each tuning hammer is specially made, as close as possible to your exact requirement,  To enquire, or to order one, please email David


I have donated these items to Cats Protection, and hereby arrange for Cats Protection to sell them to you.  

The PayPal link below will direct payment to the account of

Cats Protection, Wellingborough & Rushden Branch.


Thank you.  Our volunteers give freely of their time and love, but our vets' bills are truly frightening.  And if you don't really like cats, please remember that our single biggest expenditure by far is the neutering of feral, stray, and uncared-for cats, to do our best to keep the numbers down in the future!  

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