Strings for Square Pianos

From Friends of Square Pianos

I have donated these items to Cats Protection, and hereby arrange for Cats Protection to sell them to you.  

The PayPal link below will direct payment to the account of

Cats Protection, Wellingborough & Rushden Branch.


Thank you.  Our volunteers give freely of their time and love, but our vets' bills are truly frightening.  And if you don't really like cats, please remember that our single biggest expenditure by far is the neutering of feral, stray, and uncared-for cats, to do our best to keep the numbers down in the future!  


  We can make strings for most square pianos, from the earliest up to about 1840.  All strings are made from Malcolm Rose wire.  

  Prices asked are competitive with other suppliers, but all the money goes directly to Cats Protection.

 Plain strings can be supplied in red brass, yellow brass, or iron.  Price £3.50 for single iron strings, £4.50 each for brass and red brass (£3.00 and £4.00 when ordered as part of a set.)  For full restorations, I strongly encourage amateur restorers to make their own plain strings, and I am happy to offer advice.  

 Open-covered strings have brass cores, overspun with red copper, tinned copper, or brass;  £11.00 each except for brass covers (see below).

  Close-covered strings for later pianos are normally red copper on iron;  £14 each.  Occasionally we find close-covered strings which are iron-on-iron.  These require a special soft grade of iron for the covers, which has very limited application.  But I may be able to help - please ask.

  Postage extra, please.


  I normally finish the ends of the covered section of strings with a 'swaged' section, to help ensure that the cover remains secure and tight.  (Upper string in the picture above). However, when making brass-on-brass strings, as sometimes found on pianos by Tomkison, and Continental makers, I have found that even the special soft grade of spinning brass is somewhat springy, and does not 'lay' as nicely as copper.  For this reason, I prefer to solder the ends (lower string).  There is a small extra charge for this.


To enquire, or to place an order, please email David

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