Robert Shaftoe 1944 - 2013

  Robert Shaftoe, seen here with his little dog Farnaby, was the finest craftsman I have ever known.  He sadly died earlier this year, after a short illness.  This Web page is dedicated to his memory, and to let some of his work be better known.  We are grateful to Joy, his widow, for making available pictures and details of his instruments.

  Please watch this space for more details.

  It was recently my sad duty to help clear Robert's workshop, and to ensure a safe future for the harpsichord and piano-related items.  On one of the benches was this chisel, where he had laid it down.  It is an old chisel, and well-worn, but just look at the way it is sharpened.  There is a single flat, smooth bevel, and the edge is like a razor.  The back is polished to a mirror-finish.  Do we look after our tools as well as that?

  I am proud to say that the chisel is now mine, but I am afraid to use it...

  Possibly Robert's first spinet, made in 1967, believed to be based on a 1770 Baker Harris, but with the much more common GG-g3, rather than from FF like the Baker Harris.  This spinet was lent to many local schools and music groups.

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