'Viennese' Grand by Zuckermann, after Andreas Stein

Zuckermann Viennese fortepiano after Andreas Stein.

An excellent copy of Andreas Stein’s fortepiano of the 1780’s designed by David Jacques Way.  It has 61 notes, FF to f3 double strung and tuned to A415 but can be tuned up to A440. There are ebony naturals with bone topped sharps, a knee lever for damper lift and hand operated moderator.   The case is mahogany with panelled lid and fluted legs. It has been reasonably priced.  

For further information and viewing, please contact Graham Walker email: graham@earlypiano.co.uk   This fortepiano is located near Dorchester Dorset.  Social distancing will be maintained.   Price:  £5,950  



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