A 'Viennese' Grand after Stein, 1982

We were very sad to hear that earlier in the year Malcolm Greenhalgh had suffered a severe stroke.  Better news is that he is making a good recovery, but he has decided to let his hire fleet of harpsichords and pianos go to new homes.  These instruments are well-known from their many public appearances; one of the harpsichords was in the Royal Albert Hall in September, played by Steven Devine.  


We are now pleased to offer a fine 'Viennese' piano from the fleet.

This one was expertly built by Wilfred Allwood from the well-known Hubbard kit, now sadly no longer available. 



Amongst its many professional outings was as the continuo instrument in a performance of Mozart's 'Don Giovanni'.

This piano as built (and in the Stein tradition) had wooden Kapsels with felt bushes, but Wilfred had long conversations with David Way of Zuckermann, and consequently rebuilt the action with metal Kapsels as used by Walter. 


Fortunately, the sharp keys have bone tops.  Those who have been following this website will know that a 1982 instrument with ivory keys would soon have a problem

The piano is currently in storage, not ideal for photography, but viewing could be arranged at Malcolm's home.

The picture above shows that it has retained the Stein-type 'sled'.  This needs to be withdrawn to allow the whole keyboard and action to drop to the base of the piano to be taken out.  The same result is achieved in Walter's design by inclined ramps.   

As in all pianos of this type, the hammers are pivoted on the keys, and actuated when the little beak at the left catches on a 'Prelleiste'.  Hence the expression 'Prellmechanik' - completely different from the English grand action.  It does not allow such absolute volume, but when correctly regulated it does permit great sensitivity.  The aim with a piano like this should be to see how quietly we can play it.  

The piano may be seen in London; the guide price is £13,000.


The sale is being handled by Penny Dixie; please email her on  mdg415@hotmail.com


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